Apple wechselt zu Intel

06.07.2005 | 14:23 Uhr

Eine Dokumentation der Rede von Steve Jobs am 6. Juni 2005.

Intel und Apple auf der WWDC
Vergrößern Intel und Apple auf der WWDC

Let's go to a big topic - Transitions.

Let's talk about transitions. The Mac in his history has had two major transitions so far.

The first one from 68K to PowerPC (94 - 96). And that transitions happened about ten years ago in the midnineties. I wasn't here then. But the team did a very good job from everything I hear. And the PowerPC set Apple up for the next decade. It was a good move.

The second major transition though has been even bigger. And that's the transition from OS 9 to OS X that we just finished a few years ago at the the early part of this decade(2001 - 2003). This was a brain transplant.

And even though these operating systems are very ename (only by one) they are world's apart in their technology. OS X is the most advanced operating system on the planet. And is to set Apple up for the next twenty years.

Today it is time to begin a third transition.

We want to constantly be making the best computers for you and the rest of our users.

And so it's time for a third transition. And yes - it is true.

We are gonna begin the transition from the PowerPC to Intel processors. And we are gonna begin it for you now and for our customer next year.

Now - why are we gonna do this? Right?

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