Bruce Chizen stellt Network Publishing in Europa vor

06.06.2001 | 00:00 Uhr | Peter Müller

Die Macwelt-Redakteure Martin Stein und Walter Mehl befragten Adobe-CEO Bruce Chizen am Rande der Präsentation der Network-Publishing-Strategie des Softwareherstellers zu seiner Vision des Publishiing-Marktes und darüber, warum Network Publishing für Adobe einen so wichtigen Stellenwert einnimmt. Lesen Sie schon heute die ungekürzte Fassung des Interviews in englischer Sprache, eine deutsche Version folgt in den nächsten Tagen.

Macwelt: Mr. Chizen, you are working for a couple of months in you new position. How was the transition?

Bruce Chizen: The transition was very smooth. So over the last six months I've been picking up a lot of responsibility. Not that much has really changed, except for a lot more pressure. So not such a huge adjustment on my part. I made a couple of organizational changes, giving a lot more of the responsibility to the Senior Vice President, who is heading engineering. I gave him all of products, so that he can keep product marketing and engineering together.

Macwelt: So the product strategy remains the same?

Bruce Chizen: The product strategy remains the same. Big focus has been on helping move along with the next wave of publishing, Network Publishing.

Macwelt: Tell us about Network Publishing. Why is it so important for Adobe? Why is it so important for the industry?

Bruce Chizen: It's invaluable. Look at the dynamics of publishing today. Information is being consumed, looked at and delivered everywhere. Not only on computers, but also on Palm Pilots and video games and now the dot com history has been exploded or imploded, so companies have to be profitable again. So they are looking for ways to be able to repurpose their content, repurpose their layout. That creates a lot of challenges for Adobe and the industry. The more information is needed, the more it is an opporunity. Those who are creating the information try to make a very visually rich, a very graphical, a very and also a very reliable. And that needs some products that we deliver to help people do that.

Macwelt: What is the business model behind this strategy moving towards Network Publishing. Where is the benefit for the user?

Bruce Chizen: It's more about efficiency than about making more money. Because if you are creating information, you have to create information where people are going to view that information. And you need to do that efficiently. A year ago you had a team working on print, newspapers and magazines, a team working on the Web, a team working maybe on video broadcasting, a team working on wireless. The teams are now forced to work together.

Macwelt: How do you want to change this?

Bruce Chizen: There are a number of things we are doing to change our existing products. The same way that we took Photoshop and made it much more web-oriented, the same way that we took Illustrator and made it much more web-oriented. We put a lot of work in Premiere and After Effects. So you see, we are continuing to modify the traditional Adobe products. Our web products will make it a lot more easier for people who are creating content on different platforms. Today when you are going to our web site and you are using GoLive, you could pick up a PlugIn from Real that allows you to interact with the Real video. You could also do this with Quicktime. You can also design a very rich compelling web site and decide which information you want to show on a Nokia cell phone. We will modify the existing tools. The second thing we will do: make it easy for anybody who is creating content from our products to repurpose that content. We will have a consistent schematic across all of our content that will tag the information, so it could be reused over and over and over again.


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