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23.02.2005 | 16:24 Uhr |

We had the chance to talk to Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president worldwide developer relations about WWDC 2005. Read on about what will be new in San Francisco this year.

Ron Okamoto is with Apple since April 2001. He is vice president worldwide developer relations and responsible for the annual developer conference WWDC.

Walter Mehl works with Macintosh computers since 1993. He can still remember his first WWDC in 1997 in San Jose.

(That said however, he holds no degree in American English - be warned that you might stumble upon several typos and more severe damages to your favorite language).

Okamoto : Last week we announced the dates for WWDC 2005. The conference will be from June 6 to 10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco where it was in the last two years. One of the key things this year will be the opportunity to talk about innovation and what is going on in the developer market with the big focus being on Tiger.

Macwelt : I already saw some information on maccentral.com. You mentioned the number one point I am interested in. You said that the key for WWDC 2005 will be innovation. Could you explain that in more detail?

Okamoto : One of the things that we have done over the last several years, is we created a really great platform for developers to both innovate and develop on. What we have seen is that new developers are coming to the platform. So for example in the 2nd half of last year we ran a campaign to start recruiting to sign up for an early seed of the Tiger operating system combined with an ADC membership. And I can tell you that of those who responded were actually 50 percent new to the Macintosh or basically on the Mac for less than a year. So we have been really good in getting new people to the platform. And the really interesting point is that these people are coming from different disciplines - they have been coming from Open Source development, with a Java background. And the good thing is, that when they see, where we are with the Mac they are doing some very cool things: For example we have developer out there in San Diego in Southern California, who is in the medical industry. And they were looking for a platform solution to be able to create a very sophisticated imaging solution using high-resolution x-rays. And the software's name is Osirix and what they have done is they take high resolution x-ray images and turn it into 3D images. They can do a lot of the analysis on the high-res data and on the 3D images and they are also able to collaborate and share. Because they found out that using a iPod Photo they download these large 3D images and they share them among their fellow colleagues. That is just one example of many things that has been going on inside the developer community over the last couple of years.
But what is most important is the release of Tiger and the developer rich technologies and APIs we are putting inside. It is one of richest we have done. You know things like Spotlight, Dashboard, 64-bit, Automator, Core Image, Core Data. These are the things we are working with developers in the last months and we see a lot of cool stuff that is coming out using these technologies. So we talk about innovation and that is the focus of it.

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